What I Have Learned About The World From Nine Years Of Pulling My Hair (Trichotillomania: A Series)

I suffer from a rather unknown mental illness called “trichotillomania” – what does that mean? Well, I am unable to control certain urges and pull out my own hair. This podcast is an attempt to ask some fundamental questions that have been bothering me:
Why do I think people are disgusted by me? Why do I desperately try to hide my pulling? Why do I hate it when people tell me I can learn how to control my pulling? Why do I hope that there is some fundamental biological cause for my pulling?
This podcast draws on various topics from anthropology and sociology, but at the same time tries to unpack them in ways that not just academics can understand.

This podcast is the final product from my class Public Anthropology at the American University in Cairo, submitted in December 2019.

Interested in knowing more?

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  3. A great YouTube channel on Trichotillomania: https://www.youtube.com/user/beckie0

Music sourced from CCMixter, and OpenSource Platform.


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