Ending Open Defecation in Eritrea: An Analysis of the Extent of Community Participation

This paper argues that the contemporary community development approach to eradicating open defecation must involve not only those who represent the community traditionally or on a political level, but must be truly inclusive of all community members. To come to this conclusion, the paper first reviews Community Led Total Sanitation as an approach and assesses it suitability to end open defecation through the lens of collective action theory and Asset Based Community Development. Second, the paper considers the case study of Eritrea, where the government launched the above-mentioned approach in 2008 in collaboration with UNICEF. Finally, the case study of Eritrea is used to understand how gender and power issues ought to be better integrated into eradicating open defecation.


What I Have Learned About The World From Nine Years Of Pulling My Hair (Trichotillomania: A Series)

I suffer from a rather unknown mental illness called "trichotillomania" - what does that mean? Well, I am unable to control certain urges and pull out my own hair. This podcast is an attempt to ask some fundamental questions that have been bothering me: Why do I think people are disgusted by me? Why do I desperately try to hide my pulling? Why do I hate it when people tell me I can learn how to control my pulling? Why do I hope that there is some fundamental biological cause for my pulling? This podcast draws on various topics from anthropology and sociology, but at the same time tries to unpack them in ways that not just academics can understand.

Why “young refugee men are so violent”

I submitted this commentary today as an assignment for my class Psychosocial Issues in Forced Migration at the American University in Cairo. I have not yet received a grade for it, but want to share it nonetheless. When citizens become refugees, changes in life circumstances almost by default lead to a disruption of identity and … Continue reading Why “young refugee men are so violent”

I got fined – and then wrote an assignment about it

This article was originally written as a small assignment for my "Research Design" class in April 2019. It might be interesting to read this, because the task was to come up with a very mundane example of law and then think about how we could do academic research about it. When boarding public transport, an … Continue reading I got fined – and then wrote an assignment about it

India’s 2016 Demonetization: A Miscalculation of Impacts and Incentives

This paper was submitted as an undergraduate essay in December 2017. The article is in no way peer-reviewed, and received an o.k. grade. Regardless, this topic is close to me and valuable to study, and I would therefore like to share my thoughts. Again, it is just an educated guess. When theIndian government on November … Continue reading India’s 2016 Demonetization: A Miscalculation of Impacts and Incentives