“What the United States Government did was shameful – and I am sorry.”

In 2010, former US President Bill Clinton apologized for the experimentation on African Americans against their knowledge for the purpose of understanding the disease syphilis. This experiment lasted from 1932-1972 years - and was not the only medical research horror of its time... How could this happen? How could it last so long? And what … Continue reading “What the United States Government did was shameful – and I am sorry.”


Forms of Solidarity and the Politics of Crisis

While making it through this crisis alive and in one piece is probably the most imminent goal in everyone's mind, the corona crisis, with all its horrors, has provided us with a unique opportunity to chose a new trajectory for the world. It is at this time that we must remember lessons from the past to make sure that the society that emerges from the corona crisis can embark on a new path. It is now that we are free from path dependence, and can reshape our institutions by righting the wrongs of neoliberalism, capitalism and egoism. However, just as liberals and left-leaning activists and politicians are using the corona crisis to advocate for their interests, right-wing governments and autocrats are doing so, too. In this 8-paragraph article, I touch upon the politics of crisis, social psychology, different forms of solidarity, and on the need to be aware of the complexities of the world.