Before you browse the articles on the right (drop-down menu), I have a short disclaimer to make about this blog.

The more I study, the more questions I have. Through my classes, my work with NGOs in my city, and individual research, I try to answer these questions and maybe help us all get closer to finding ideas on how to tackle certain issues. Through writing, I can best narrow down my interests, apply different perspectives, and weigh out pros and cons.

As my Facebook is becoming overloaded with thoughts, I wanted to create a separate space to share and learn – this blog is meant to an accumulation of educated guesses, of ideas I have based on impulses from my surroundings. Most of the content I share here is being published on other websites of organisations I collaborate with; this page therefore functions as a collection of more or less eloquent thought pieces that would otherwise be scattered across the web.

A 20-something Liberal Arts Students born and raised in Germany and the USA, I spent a year in India and decided that I care a lot about human beings and saving the planet. I by far don’t know everything, and hell, the best I can produce is probably an educated guess. I care about mental health, waste-free/ reduced living, India, access to justice, cultural translation of human rights, and cats.

I urge anyone who disagrees or can correct me to politely comment and do so. In today’s world, we need high quality dialogue. My thoughts are not ripened yet, and part of this blog experiment is to come up with good, productive ideas based on research.

Now, please check out the sections on the right and just browse through, or check out specific tags below!