Die Alternativen sind da!

Ein paar Gedanken über die Klimabewegung … nur werden sie nicht umgesetzt, weil bestimmte Firmen großes Lobbying betreiben, um ihre Gewinne nicht zu verlieren, und weil sogar einige Präsidenten und Regierungen auch ihr Interesse daran haben, internationale Firmen im Land zu behalten. Wie einer meiner Professoren, Dr. Paul Behrens, einmal sagte (frei zitiert): „Wir haben … Continue reading Die Alternativen sind da!


Introducing: Trichotillomania (a series)

As part of my class Public Anthropology at the American University of Cairo, I am working to understand the mental disorder Trichotillomania and will make a podcast about the experience of living with it. Here, I want to introduce the illness and share the first part of the podcast proposal I submitted. I have altered … Continue reading Introducing: Trichotillomania (a series)

Why “young refugee men are so violent”

I submitted this commentary today as an assignment for my class Psychosocial Issues in Forced Migration at the American University in Cairo. I have not yet received a grade for it, but want to share it nonetheless. When citizens become refugees, changes in life circumstances almost by default lead to a disruption of identity and … Continue reading Why “young refugee men are so violent”

Shit, I’m a fish

Leviathan, a "documentary horror film" by Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor, is all about departing from a human-focussed way of telling stories, and helping viewers emerge into the story the documentary wants to tell from the other perspective. What better way is there to see the horrors of corporate fishing, than through the eyes of a fish?