Why? – A Tribute to Avijit Roy and Bangladesh

Bengali-American author Avijit Roy lost his life on February 26th, 2015, in the streets of Dhaka after he was attacked with a machete. I recorded this piece as an attempt to be a cornerstone, a point of orientation, to grab hold of the many facets of the political and societal chaos Bangladesh has come to … Continue reading Why? – A Tribute to Avijit Roy and Bangladesh


Uncomfortable Thoughts on Political and Civil Rights

[The] more I write and research, the more I feel that I am not helping the situation at all by doing so. Instead of properly lobbying, I am pouring oil into the flame of societal divisions. [...] It is very, very easy to learn how to call out for people’s rights. It is much more difficult to find a path to actually help people. And I am utterly confused about how to do the latter.